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Fast Way to Boost Your Credit Score

A credit score of more than 700 is good and more than 800 is considered excellent. However, anything between 620 to 659 is poor, and under 620 is bad. A good credit score offers lots of freedom but a bad credit score can prove to be prohibitive in many ways, making it difficult to get a loan, and if at all you get one you will not likely enjoy reasonable interest rates. So, it is very important to maintain good credit scores, and if you are wondering how to do so then continue reading and learn the fast way to boost your credit score.

  • Dispute errors and discrepancies
  • Deal with due bills
  • Stay under the credit limits

Dispute Errors and Discrepancies

As per the Federal Trade Commission, nearly 5 % of people have such bad errors on their credit reports that can easily cause a higher price for an insurance or financial product. Almost 1 in every 4 reports has errors that can affect scores negatively at least in a small way.   Once every 12 months, you can attain a free report from the three chief credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Request these reports from and go through them carefully to search for any mistakes like negative information that are too old to find a place in the list or late payments mentioned when you have paid on time.

After you find the errors it is time to dispute and get rid of them.   Credit bureaus will respond to your raised disputes within 30 working days. Once the incorrect negative details are removed from your reports your credit score will look better.

Deal with Due Bills

No matter what strategy you follow your credit score will not improve unless you keep paying timely. Remember, your payment history has the biggest impact on your credit scores. If you are lagging behind on accounts, call your creditors, make the payments, and ask if they will withdraw/cancel the mentioned negligence so that it does not show on your reports.

If the creditor agrees, great, if not it still will be a good idea to clear those payments as it is always a nice to stay current on your account. Every month you have an account marked delinquent it hurts your score. Missed payments will remain on your credit report for 7 years but its effects can be counteracted right from now. Right from today make it a habit of paying bills on time so that the recent positives you earn can offset the earlier negative marks.

Stay Under the Credit Limits

Your credit utilization to has an impact on your credit scores. It is ideal to maintain a balance of nearly 30 percent or less of your credit limit. The pre-card and overall utilization both count here, and below are given ways you can manage it.

Make many small payments, also known as micropayments, and you need to make them every month so that you can keep the balances low. It will be a good idea to use your credit card like your debit card and pay online soon after you notice your purchase has been posted.

Handle balances on your cards, starting with the highest utilization. A tax refund or maybe some other windfall can prove to be of help. At times it does not take too much money, particularly on the retailer low-limit cards.

Request for an increase in credit limits. When your balance remains the same but your limit rises higher, you need to lower utilization instantly. Immediately ask your card issuer if without any “hard” credit inquiry you can enjoy a higher limit. Hard inquiries temporarily can drop a few points of your credit score.

Move debt. Debt consolidation loans may help eliminate or reduce card balances, thus lower your utilization. Getting personal loans at rates better than what your credit cards offer may also help save money in interest.   Credit card issuers usually report to the bureaus each month. As soon as a lower balance will be reported by your creditor, your scores will reflect the better utilization.

A bad credit score certainly can make things difficult for you but the good news is it is possible to boost your credit scores by following the simple steps given above. So, waste no time, get started, improve your credit ratings and thereafter always try to maintain a positive score

car loan

How to Shop for the Right Car Loan

When considering how to shop for the right car loan, you must have an idea of how you are going to pay for it. Most probably you will opt for a car loan financing. Soon, you will be in the market for the best car loan. As you search the market, you will discover that this is not an easy one. There are hundreds of lenders ready to be of service to you.

What’s the Best Way To Get A Car Loan?

Most often borrowers would look for lenders which will give them the loan with the lowest interest rate. Others would look for the lenders that will give them the highest loan for their car. Most often, borrowers are left in confusion on what to look for the best car loan that will suit their needs as well as their budget.

Little did they know that getting a loan for a car doesn’t have to be confusing nor it is a difficult task? Nevertheless, you must plan everything. This would involve studying your financial status and must have a clear mind when you are looking for the best car loan. Naturally, you already have a particular car in mind, the first thing that you need to do is to shop around for the best car loan before you sign for it.

Next thing, you have to decide on the type of loan that you will prefer. This can be secured or unsecured loan. The lender will take collateral for your loan and has the legal right to repossess the car if you miss payments. With the security on the hands of the lender, you will be charged with a low-interest rate. This means that you will pay lesser whereas, the unsecured loan will charge you with high-interest rate because the lender is taking a lot of risk in approving your loan.

Choose the least amount of term for this will reduce the interest rate of your loan. You will need to work on your budget before you commit on the maximum amount of payment. However, once you do this, you will have a good credit standing. Future borrowings will be easy for you because you don’t have a bad credit car loan.

In order to select the best car loan, you need to understand how loan and APR term works.

– APR: this can be defined as the interest rate at which the lender is offering funds

– Loan term: this is the period you have to pay back the borrowed money. One of the most effective methods to borrow money is to balance a loan term and APR. A large number of APR offers are subject to a number of underwriting conditions or on long term products.

Setting your budget

The best car loan should not be finding the cheapest APR as many individuals will focus on. An individual should also be required to be sure that the product can work for him or her. This will, therefore, give a meaning to set a budget. A large population of people gets carried away and take out finance deals which they are not capable of paying. An individual should not borrow more money than he or she can afford to repay. This habit puts an individual to a huge strain on his or her finances making difficulties in meeting financial obligations. Below are some tips to guide you on how to set your budget.


Existing Repayments: An individual should check his or her existing credit products including store cards, credit cards, mortgages, and personal loans. Calculate how much you require to meet these kinds of repayments each subsequent month.

Essential Bills:

Make a list of all essential bills such as groceries, fuel, and utilities.

Income: Calculate exactly what you require each month to fund your spendings. Once you are through in making a comprehensive list of all your outgoings and incomings you will, therefore, be capable of calculating how much you can afford to repay on your car loan.

By shopping around for the cheapest car loan which should be done carefully, this would mean that you will save a lot of money. You have to study on lenders that offer a discounted price on the car but charge you with high-interest rate. It may end up that all the discounts will be lost with the high-interest money.

banks work for you

How to make the banks work for you

If you have invested in a fixed deposit account with your bank you know, you earn very little money from the interest that you are supposed to get. Banks will usually pay a maximum of one percent interest on any kind of investment in their saving products. So if you can’t earn much interest from Banks, how then do you make money through them?  This article will explore five ways that are proven to earn you a sizeable amount from the bank.

How to Skyrocket Your Bank Account

1. Collect Signup Bonuses

One of the easiest ways to make money from your bank is to get some sign-up bonuses. In the recent past, banks are paying customers bonuses for an opening bank account. you can make a reasonable account. Chase bank recently had a campaign where one was getting paid two hundred and fifty dollars to open an account with them.

You can opt to open an account earn a bonus then close the account after some time. All you have to do is carry out a google search to find back near your location that has such offers and take advantage of them as quickly as possible as they do not run for very long. the consistency of these offers is not promised but you can take advantage of them while they last.

2. Penny Hoarding

if you enjoy collecting coins then you can monetize this hobby. Earn some money from your bank using this method. Pennies that were minted before nineteen eighty-three were made of copper. The price of copper has recently risen to three dollars per pound. This means that those pennies from that period would be worth two cents for every piece.

Penny collectors store away thousands of these coins waiting for a time in future when they can legally melt down their pennies to get the value of the copper. You can buy pennies from your bank for twenty-five dollars you would get two thousand five hundred pieces. You can then sell those pennies on e-commerce platforms like eBay. For every one hundred dollars sold you could earn thirty-five dollars. The return on this investment is quite high. To make it easier on your self you would probably have to purchase a penny sorting machine.

3. Borrow to Flip a House

So what happens when you find a perfect home that you could fix up and sell for a profit but you do not have the money? You go to your bank and get a loan. It can be challenging to get a loan to fix a house, but recently the FHA set aside its rule against flipping houses for the organization’s foreclosure sales, you can be able to find a bank that would be willing to give loans on some of these projects. You can also against your own home that is if you have enough equity.

4. Buy a Bank Foreclosure

Banks have very many homes that they need to foreclose on. If you have access to them and have the money to buy these homes you could make a handsome profit from this. You could approach a bank and purchase a home that they have foreclosed on, fix it and then put the home in the market for sale. you might find that you could make a handsome profit as the bank will usually just want to make the mortgage balance which sometime could be ridiculously low in comparison to the real value of the home. You may find that some homes may even go for as little as a few hundred dollars. you could make a very good profit from such opportunities.

5. Collect Teaser-Rate Interest

Some banks will pay you a higher than average interest to open certain kinds of accounts with them As mentioned earlier banks do not pay very good interest for their normal accounts. they will only pay one percent per year for the same. But when you open a money market account, for example, you can find that you would earn one point four percent on the deposited amount per month.

This averages eight times the amount that banks would normally pay for interest on their products. These interest rates do not run throughout the year. you could find that they only run for six months. When the time lapses you can opt to move the money to another bank with a similar offer and keep taking advantage of these offers. The interest rate earned is dabbed ‘Teaser rate’.